Your registration process is about to begin.  Your account creation will be saved to complete at another time if needed.  To complete your registration in totality, however, you will need:

  • Family Pediatrician’s Name and Phone Number

  • Family Health Insurance Group and Policy Number

  • If your child was not Baptized in Ames, and is enrolling in Sacrament Preparation for First Communion/Reconciliation or Confirmation, you will need to provide their parish and (approximate) date of Baptism, or upload a copy of their Baptism Certificate in their Student Profile.

  • When you complete registration on FaithEnroll, you will not submit payment.  You will press "Finish Registration."  An Order Receipt will be sent to you confirming your order (probably found in your spam folder.)  This is not an invoice.  You will receive an individualized e-mail invoice from (Anna Kaminski) with the payment link within a week of registering.  This process allows families to register without immediate payment, and allows us to provide you with your discount code for serving as a catechist, reaching the family maximum, etc.  Thank you for your patience as we transition to a new payment system.