Your registration process is about to begin.  Your account creation will be saved to complete at another time if needed.  To complete your registration in totality, however, you will need:

  • Family Pediatrician’s Name and Phone Number

  • Family Health Insurance Group and Policy Number

  • If your child was not Baptized in Ames, and is enrolling in Sacrament Preparation for First Communion/Reconciliation or Confirmation, you will need to upload a copy of their Baptism Certificate in their Student Profile.

  • The IP Address of the computer you are using to register.  (Simply Google "What's my IP Address?" or visit

Why do you need my IP address? 
The Archdiocese of Dubuque requires that we collect your Internet Protocol address to verify the identity of the person filling out the form. An IP Address is used by computers to direct web traffic to the correct piece of hardware, much like a physical address is used to direct mail to the correct house. While it is highly unlikely that a third-party would impersonate you to register for Faith Formation or Youth Ministry programs, it is possible. We ask for your IP address, so that when we combine it with the date and time of your registration, we can be reasonably certain that you are the person registering your child.

Because of this, if you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to re-route your internet traffic; we politely request that you disable it for the time it takes for you to register your children. 

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our online registration safe and secure. 

  • Finally, you will need Payment Information. You must pay via credit card, ACH or have a pre-established payment plan.  Automatic monthly withdrawal will be an option.  Please e-mail to request a monthly payment plan by check (9 installments due September 1 - May 1).